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  • What are typical metal dome sizes?
    8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 20 mm.

  • What is the actuation force of domes?
    Dome Force ranges from 85 grams to 700 grams.

  • Dome type, is tactile feel needed?
    Both metal (stainless steel and Gold Plated) poly domes are offered. Tactile feel is customer’s preference.

  • Which type of tactile feedback dome works best in a higher heat environment?
    Stainless Steel domes will out perform a polyester tactile dome in this situation.

  • Can you surface mount LED’S on my Membrane Switch?
    Yes. We will do it all the time with passive components.

  • Different types of Termination we offer.
    AMP, Berg, Nicomatic, Different centers and of course open contacts for ZIF application..

  • What is your “Lead Time”?
    Because we manufacture custom products our “Lead Times” are dependant on volume
    and complexity of the project. We make every effort to deliver your part the way you want it when you want it.

  • Quantities required for prototypes and production?
    1. 5 to 10 parts or lot of fixed number of parts, production qty vary from 5 to
      thousands. Due to the digital age, from approval of artwork to final part, a label or graphic overlay with EL and or membrane switches will be produced very quickly. Basically termed Fast Turn.

    2. We have all the latest design equipment and software to cater to your needs.
      Its required that we receive final approval from you before production commences. Our CAD team has the ability to create from scratch.
  • Can I order different Graphic Overlays with a common Membrane Switch?
    Yes. Protolab routinely manufactures multiple Graphic Overlays that are eventually
    applied to a common Membrane Switch.

  • Will you Laser Cut or Die Cut My order?
    This will depend on order quantity, physical size, tolerance and substrate specifications required. Protolab offers both.
  • What kind of Rubber is a keypad made of?
    Rubber keypads are made of silicone rubber that comes in different durometer’s
    including, 40,50,60,70 the higher the number the harder the rubber.

  • What kind of colors do Silicone Rubber keypads come in?
    Many different colors, we can also color match to your existing material sample.

  • Can Silicone Rubber Keypads be backlit?
    Yes. Laser etching the key tops and legends does allow backlighting to show through printed graphics.

  • What affects the life of a Rubber Keypad?
    Membrane style and durometer of the material have the most effect on a switch life. The various coating choices can increase the life of a rubber upto 20 times.
  • Are Prosteel Keyboards IP65 Rated?
    Yes. They are sealed and are IP65 rated.

  • What key shapes are available as options?
    The Keys are available in – SQUARE, RECTANGLE, OBLONG, ROUND shapes
    and different dimensions.

  • What kind of marking id done on the Keys?
    We do screen printing/Chemical Etching and Laser marking.

  • What Outputs are provided to the Circuits?
    We can provide you with all Standard Connector outputs as well as PS2.

  • Can a Trackball be integrated in the systems?
    Yes Trackball and Trackpads can be integrated into the systems.

  • What type of PCB can be incorporated membranes?
    All types of PCB can be integrated the most preferred are the DSPTH
    (Double Sided Plated Through Hole) and multi layer PCB. The Thickness is 200 mic,
    3.2 mm thickness. Protolab is also manufacturing single side and DSPTH KAPTON & Polymide Base Materials also.
  • Is it possible to get Metallic shade “CARDS?
    Yes. We can offer you Metallic Cards with Silver/Gold and other Metallic Shades.
    As well as a combination of Metallic with process colours & the same can be processed
    by offset or screen print.

  • What is the Minimum Order Quantity?
    The Quantities can be as small as 100 up to any requirement. Deliveries also can be assessed & pricing be quoted as per slab.

  • Is Magnetic Track Encoding possible?
    Yes. We can Encode with Alogarithm & Checksum.

  • What are the Standard Sizes & Thickness?
    We process Cards as per ISO 7810/7812 formats. and is commonly known as CRSO.
    We also offer Cards 200 mic, 300 mic, 400 mic, 500 mic, 600 mic, 700 mic as well as
    odd shapes and sizes.

  • How Sampling is carried out for an order?
    The processing of order is as per the receipt of soft copy file in either corel draw/photoshop/illustrator or any other Art packages (IBM Compatible) and should be in Editable formats. We provide a digitized output immediately for reference and thereafter proof’s if required before commencing production.
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