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Protolab is a vertically integrated manufacturing facility having 30,000 sq. ft of state of art dust controlled work areas housing advanced production equipments used for the manufacture of Human-Machine-Interfaces.

Since 1996, Protolab is strategically located in the satellite city of Mumbai (India’s Financial
Capital) with close proximity to the airport and ports and also connected by rail and road through
the entire length & breadth of the country and a abundant pool of talented and qualified workforce.

Protolab has a team of proactive engineers and a dedicated work force with hands on experience
in manufacturing Printed Electronics and Human-Machine-Interface using state of art printing equipments, colour
matching, Die-cutting and laminating processes combined with environmental life cycle testing assuring each switch meets or exceeds customer specification. Protolab works closely with the customer from concept to production. The team at Protolab not only tries but always delivers your commitments as ours. We do it by asking the right questions, listening, analyzing and evaluating your needs and once the specifications are frozen our experience personnels with advance equipments take over to make it happen.

As a supplier to over 600 OEM’s worldwide you’ll receive a complete solution to your product demands.

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